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Inception was the first film to ever bewitch and bamboozle me in equal measures. I loved it.

Directed by Christopher Nolan and starring an enchanting Leonardo Di Caprio, a then upcoming Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and not to mention Ellen Page and Tom Hardy, the film lapped upwards left, right, and centre. It was awarded 4 Oscars, alone!

The film left us with questions. A LOT of a questions! I can't promise to answer them all, but scroll down for 10 crazy facts about Inception.

1. Brad Pitt was considered for the leading role of Dominic Cobb...

And so was Will Smith...

But they decided upon Leonardo DiCaprio.

2. The first letter of each of the main character’s first names spells the word DREAMS.


3. Not a single scene in the film was produced using CGI effects.

They built a full-sized hallway inside of the rotating vat, shown above, to film the twisting and turning fight scene!

4. The number 528491 reoccurs throughout the film.

5. The "kick", which in the film is used to awaken someone from a dream within a dream, is based on a real phenomenon.

A "hypnic jerk" is the sensation of falling, hitting water, or a sharp jolt that can startle somebody sleeping. It's an involuntary twitch.

6. The Production Designer, Guy Hendrix Dyas, was inspired by Nijō Castle in Japan.

Nijo Castle (left) Inception (right)
Nijo Castle (left) Inception (right)

He and Nolan thought it was really strange so immediately began designing a set based on it.

7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt trained with the stunt crew and did all of his own stunts!

Director of Photography, Wally Pfister, said:

“It was like some incredible torture device; we thrashed Joseph for weeks, but in the end we looked at the footage, and it looks unlike anything any of us has seen before."

8. The song that plays when the inception team should expect a 'kick' is Edith Piaf's Non, je ne regret rein.

The lyrics, translated from French of course, are:

“I regret nothing/no, I have no regrets/I regret neither the good things that were done to me nor the bad things/They are all the same to me/…The past is payed, swept away, forgotten/"

Nolan chose the track specifically because it deals with the effect of memories on the psyche.

Incidentally, Marion Cotillard, who plays Mal in Inception, plays Piaf in the biographical film La Vie en Rose.

9. Legendary The Smith's guitarist Johnny Marr played on the doom-ridden, orchestral soundtrack.

10. The ending isn't as ambiguous as people think.

Nolan said:

"I put that cut there at the end, imposing an ambiguity from outside the film. That always felt the right ending to me – it always felt like the appropriate 'kick' to me... The real point of the scene—and this is what I tell people—is that Cobb isn't looking at the top. He's looking at his kids. He's left it behind. That's the emotional significance of the thing."

Whether Cobb was dreaming or not, he didn't care.


The crucial question: Was Cobb (Leonardo Di Caprio) dreaming in the final scene of Inception?


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