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We might be one step closer to a real life Arendelle, but it looks more likely to be in Asia than in Europe!

The city of Harbin, in the North East of China, is currently undergoing a snowy transformation into the 'ice city:' a winter wonderland for visitors to enjoy enormous ice sculptures that would meet the approval of any royal visiting from the Kingdom of Arendelle.

Checkout the amazing creations for yourself, and tell me you don't think that Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff wouldn't feel right at home:

An icy throne fit for a Queen

The perfect seat for royalty!

This ice piano would look great inside an ice palace!

I wonder what the sound quality is like in a palace made entirely of ice...Probably quite echoey.

An ice palace complete with slide!

Best way to leave your palace!

Tell me you couldn't picture Anna and Elsa spending their days here!

I can totally picture that horse being replaced by Sven as he and Kristoff harvest ice for the building of the ice kingdom.

The whole glimmering ice city!

It's certainly a lot more colorful than Arendelle but wow, this ice city certainly looks awesome! I especially love the ferris wheel!

Check out this video for more ice city sights!


Would you spend the night in an ice palace?

Source: Mirror


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