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A few weeks back we introduced you to the wonderful world of 'Rule 63' and the amazing artworks that have come out of it.

'Rule 63' basically flips what we thought we knew about fictional characters by swapping their genders! The artwork that comes out of 'Rule 63' is some of the coolest, weirdest and most mind bending stuff I've seen.

Take a look at even more interesting takes on characters you thought you knew, made by the extremely talented Deviant artist Sakimichan:

The Queenie

This female version of the Genie from Aladdin kind of looks like a blend between the Genie and Jasmine, I like it!

Master Cruella de Vil

Some of the worlds most famous fashion designers are men, and I have to say I could definitely see a male Cruella de Vil being a scary villain in any remake of 101 Dalmatians.

Elsa and Male-lsa

Both the Snow Queen and the Snow King together! Which version do you prefer? I have to say, the male version of Elsa looks like he could throw some serious shade.

Alex in Wonderland

When you take a tumble down a rabbit hole you never know what might end up happening...Like swapping genders?

The little mermaid and the little mer-man

Another side-by-side of the original character and their Rule 63 counterpart. I have to say, the mer-man is rocking some seriously amazing abs!

Chief Pocahontas and Sheeko

I can't help but think if Disney made a movie about a Chief Pocahontas then the whole film would have a very, very different plot. Regardless, I love this version of Pocahontas and the always adorable Meeko and Flit up in the top right corner.

Beast and the beautiful

Female beast is amazing, male Belle has glorious hair and female Lumière is rocking what looks to be an amazing pout! They should make this version of the movie, it would be amazing!


Which is your favorite artwork?

Source: DeviantArt


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