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While almost everybody has a soft and tender spot for Disney in their heart, few people can claim that their enthusiasm for the most magical franchise around can meet this couple!

Toni and Eric Orford were married in Plymouth, England while dressed as Beauty and the Beast and surrounded by other Disney favorites such as Elsa from [Frozen](movie:411685) , Minnie Mouse, and Snow White.

Although some people initially sneered at their themed nuptials and called them cheesy, Toni insists that the couple's enthusiasm won everyone around in the end. She told The Mirror that:

I don't really know when I first came up with the idea. I've never really dreamt of a big white dress, I wanted it to be laid back and relaxed and I wanted everyone to have fun.
I love dressing up, I always have and I've always been a fan of Disney, me and my sister used to watch it together and sing all the songs.
People absolutely loved it. A few people were a bit unsure about it at first but lots of people told me how nice it was, it was really relaxed. It was really lovely - it wasn't too pretentious, it was relaxed but fun, just what we wanted.

While it's normally the bride who takes the reigns when it comes to the theme of the big day, Toni revealed that her husband Eric chose who they would dress up as. She told the British newspaper that:

I only chose to go as Belle because my husband wanted to be the Beast, as he's a big and hairy Australian

The Disney loving couple met in 2010 when British born Toni was picking bananas after running out of money during her year abroad in Australia.

After the pair became an item, Toni emigrated to Australia permanently and the couple purchased a house together in Queensland.

Although the couple had discussed marriage before, Eric never actually got down on one knee to propose. Instead Toni decided to surprise her partner by getting her sister to start organizing their big day.

Thankfully, in true Disney style there was a happy ending. Eric was delighted with the surprise wedding and the whole day went without a hitch.

Let's hope these two live happily ever after. After all, it's only fitting for such a fairytale wedding!


Would you ever have a themed wedding?

(Source: The Mirror)


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