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Last week, we heard the relatively surprising news that an unknown British soap actress, Gemma Atkinson, is apparently gunning for the lead role in CBS's Supergirl.

As you can imagine, the name Gemma Atkinson led to a lot of American fans saying "Who?" To be fair, it wasn't much different in Britain, although British fans said "Who? Oh, that blonde one off of Hollyoaks?".

Atkinson certainly isn't a known name around campus, but that doesn't necessarily mean she cannot grab the lead role in a superhero television series. If we think about it, the leads of Arrow and Flash were hardly household names when they were cast either.

With this mind, let's take a look at the names we've heard associated with Supergirl, as well a few we wouldn't mind being thrown into the running.

Gemma Atkinson

So, let's start with the most recent name in the hat. Gemma Atkinson is a 30 year old British soap star with blonde hair, blue eyes and a name that sounds like someone you forgot you went to school with.

Her acting CV doesn't exactly scream Supergirl, and she's unlikely to be in anything American audiences have seen - unless you've played Red Alert 3 or seen the 2013 mountain horror Devil's Pass, that is.

Having said that, she could have the look casting directors want for Supergirl, although at 30, she is 6 years older than Kara Zor-El's supposed age of 24.

The big question though, is can she do an American accent?

Claire Holt

When it comes to the Supergirl casting, Claire Holt could be the frontrunner. It has previously been reported that the Vampire Diaries and The Originals star was in the running for the role, and it seems to be a potential choice many fans feel happy with.

Her acting resume certainly contains a lot more American shows - she is American after all - and roles on The CW could be attractive to CBS casting directors.

There is, however, one big problem. The latest we heard was that Holt had already been dropped out of competition, either due to working commitments or for simply failing to get the role. But, this news has yet to be confirmed.

Amber Heard

Now, Amber Heard could be the slightly more up-market choice for Supergirl, since her CV page is certainly more impressive than the two rumored names above.

She's already broken out to the big screen and what's more, she's also proven she can handle some action. Most notably, she got involved in the fun in Machete Kills, while she also got her zombified brains bashed about in Zombieland.

The only problem for Heard is that she may actually already be too big for the role. Furthermore, her upcoming schedule looks pretty packed. She currently has five movies expecting to arrive in the coming years.

Laura Vandervoort

OK, so I am cheating a little bit here, but Laura Vandervoort would be a tried and tested Supergirl.

Vandervoort, of course, played Kara Zor-El for 23 episodes in the Smallville television series, so if casting directors aren't feeling particularly inventive, they could try giving her a ring again.

As well as looking the role, Vandervoort is also a second degree black belt in karate, showing she can certainly hand herself in the no doubt numerous Supergirl action scenes.

Ultimately though, this is probably just wishful thinking. I'm sure CBS will want to go with someone new, while Vandervoort herself might not be keen to return to a role she's already extensively played.

Ashley Benson

The Pretty Little Liars and Springbreakers star, Ashley Benson, is another actress I can see emblazoned with the Supergirl symbol. Indeed, she also seems relatively perfect for the role.

Firstly, at 25, she is almost spot on the stated Supergirl age of 24, while her recent acting history shows a combination of television and some minor film work. With this mind, she may perfectly straddle the divide between 'known name' and 'newcomer' which CBS may want for the role.

Throw in a background in dance and ballet, and you've also got someone who not only looks the role, but can also take the physical strain.


Which of these actresses would you most like to see as Supergirl?


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