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Rejoice all ye gamers, for the impending return of Mega Man is almost upon us. Well, I say the return of Mega Man, it's more like the activation of his clone. Capcom will ever let Mega out of his robo-hold.

Keiji Inafune's Mighty No. 9 has come through its development stage unscathed and is nearing a Spring release on nearly every current gaming platform you can think of. Even Linux! But not smartphones and tablets, I'm afraid.

Beck in action!
Beck in action!

Mighty No. 9 will put you in the metallic boots of the android Beck, the ninth member of a group of combat cyborgs called The Mighty Number, who must tackle his fellow Mighty Numbers and a varying cast of machines who have all been driven to madness by a computer virus.

Sounds pretty awesome right? Here's Inafune-san to explain a bit about the Mighty No. 9 himself...

So in honor of this great news, here's a bit of outstanding fan art for us to lament and fuss over!

Megaman by Artem Solop

This is outrageous! So viceral, so sharp! The thing that stands out particularly for me is Mega Man's feet. They're straight out of Metal Gear production line, or something. Really very cool!

And, of course, we can't go forgetting this incredible Mega Man fan made short film, can we?

I'm even more stoked for the coming year of games now! Have at you, 2015!

(Source: comceptjp via YouTube)


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