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Rob Harris

Ahh, the good old Genesis era. I still remember dashing around the Green Hill Zone as Sega's blurry blue mascot - the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog - like it was yesterday!

Much to the horror of my fond adolescent memories, the ingenious Nick Minogue has come up with a rather macabre tribute to the attitude-oozing mammal. Wait till you get a look at Sonic's morbidly brilliant life-after-death.

I present to you...

Sonic the Taxidermied Hedgehog!

So creepy, yet brilliant! And yep, that's a real stuffed hedgehog, lovingly adorned with Sonic's iconic white gloves and a few gold rings for good measure!

What a wonderfully wacky way to memorialize one of the greatest video game characters of all time!

Now he just needs to find a dead squirrel to add Tails to the collection!


Awesome or just gross?

[Source: GeekTyrant]


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