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One of the most beloved video games of all time is back, and it looks worlds apart from how you remember it!

Super Mario 64 single handedly revolutionized the gaming industry, dragging it into the third dimension and proving that technically ambitious platformers could be just as fun - if not more so - than their 2D predecessors. The Nintendo 64 classic still holds up, at least in the gameplay department, but its 90s-era graphics look undeniably dated...until now!

A Fan-Made Dream Come True

When you want something done right, do it yourself. That's what a group of die-hard Nintendo fans did, launching their own project to completely overhaul Super Mario 64's graphics. Thats right - a full HD remake of the game is currently in development, and it looks stunning!

Take a peek...

The improvement from the original is startling. I can't wait to get my hands on the finished thing.

New Models

The team has hand-crafted each character to bring them in to the current generation. But Mario isn't the only one getting a makeover - check out the shiny new version of Lakitu!

Lakitu HD

Pretty impressive, huh? If that wasn't enough, Marcus Richter, one of the developers on the team, says they're "hiding easter eggs around every corner". As someone who knows the original game like the back of my hand, the prospect of discovering these new epic secrets is tantalizing!

The Game in Action

Nintendo re-released the game on the DS back in 2004, but the version still wasn't visually up to snuff. Let's hope this one makes up for it!

And the Best Part?

It's a non-profit project and will be released on the PC for FREE! Could it get any better?

It's truly heart-warming to see the gaming community come together and contribute their own time and generosity to something like this, simply for their love of video games!

You can follow the team's Facebook fan page for updates on the game's development HERE.

See the game in action below:


How does the remake look?


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