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Fancy playing The Last of Us on your mobile? Or how about Bioshock on your Vita?

Well, good news! Sony has just announced that they plan to launch their brand new and incredibly enticing PlayStation Now subscription program on January 13, and it looks set to completely revolutionize the way we consume games!

Much like a gaming equivalent of Netflix, the service will grant customers access to an online library of over 100 PlayStation 3 games, which will be available to stream on a variety of Sony devices, including Sony Xperia smartphones, PS Vitas and, of course, your cherished PS4.

Why Do I Care?

Well, because this new service has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars! Imagine never buying a full price game again, but instead streaming them instantly for a simple monthly fee. How great does that sound?!

Of course, the list of games available still has a long way to go to make this digital distribution dream possible, but we're edging ever closer to it.

For now, you'll have to make do with older titles like Bioshock Infinite, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and The Last of Us, with Sony yet to announce whether or not newly released games will be offered through PlayStation Now.

The cost of the subscription is $20 per month, or $45 per quarter, both of which net you unlimited access to the full library of compatible PlayStation 3 games. For a full list of the games offered on the service, CLICK HERE.

You can watch a handy run down of what to expect later this month below:

Although it's too early to proclaim PS Now a roaring success, I'm super excited about the positive changes to the industry it's likely to provoke. Watch this space!


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