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To add to the growing list of "Reasons To Buy A Nintendo Wii U In 2015", the incoming side scrolling platformer creator Mario Maker is set to drop at early this year! Get saving, gamers. Or, use a credit card...

The game/tool lets you create, play and share your very own Mario levels with assets and titles from Mario Bros. long and varied history. All the cute little villains will return to be handled in any way you see fit - opponent (or stacks of), bridges, springboards or coin grabbing sidekick.

All this explaining, I should just let you have a look for yourself.

You'll be able to switch between 2D Mario or 3D Mario with ease, using the Gamepad and stylus as your metaphorical hammer and nail. And, with the touch of a button, will be able to seamlessly switch between edit and play mode in order to really get a sense of where your creation may be lagging or, simply, MAKE IT EVEN HARDER!

Nintendo have cleverly implemented a ghost Mario that, when editing, shows where you last jumped, died, etc. So if you want to place a platform that only Mario can leap on, pop a block under the apex of his jump and carry on, my good gamer.

Oh man, such a rush of nostalgia. The game will be releasing into a world populated with console creation tools and incredible PC mods like Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet 3 and Microsoft Studio's Project Spark...

Skyrim's spiders into Spider-Man is old but gold.
Skyrim's spiders into Spider-Man is old but gold.

...But, Skyrim mods aside, these games don't scream excitement and fun like a full fat, solid Mario creation tool. With Mario Maker, we're getting the untouchable Nintendo platforming experience, and we'll be able to mold it to our choosing!

Not since N+ have I had such devilish fun making impossible levels for my friends to attempt!


But What About Other Nintendo Games?

Zelda Maker... Metroid Maker... Mario Kart Maker... F-Zero Maker?! The possibilities are endless! Being able to craft your own dungeons and switch between 2D and 3D renders! Make insanely hard Metroid battles and F-ZERO!! One day perhaps, as discussed by Bill Trinen, Nintendo of America's director of products and marketing.

In an interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal, Trinen stated that although creation tools for other Nintendo IPs are currently not being considered, they were definitely open to the idea...

During E3, we had everyone from moms and kids to long time Nintendo fans and newer folks who just got into gaming lately just having tons of fun with the way they’re able to create stages. Depending on how people react, we’ll see if the teams take a similar approach with other franchises.

So, gamer, lets have everyone buy a Wii U so I can get F-Zero Maker. Sound fair to you? All hope aside, this game is going to be tons of fun! Trust Nintendo to just be awesome!

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Which Nintendo game would you like to get the Maker treatment?


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