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If your childhood was anything like mine, Little Giants might as well have been playing on a 24-hour loop. It played on the weekends. It played on sick days home from school. It played during nearly every family movie night (at least whenever it was my choice).

The thing that kept me coming back for all those years, on top of the top notch humor that deserves way more than a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, was an amazing group of actors. For many, Little Giants was their first acting gig, so needless to say quite a bit has changed since then.

Here's how the cast of Little Giants looks like over 20 years later!

Rick Moranis - Danny O'Shea

Following his take on the David vs. Goliath tale in Little Giants, Rick Moranis starred in a few movies in the 1990s like The Flintstones and Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. Since then, he's only emerged in Hollywood for some voice work on movies like Disney's Brother Bear. Proving that he is an all-around great dad just like Danny O'Shea, Moranis gave up acting after his wife passed away to devote more attention to his kids.

Ed O'Neill - Kevin O'Shea

We just can't get enough of funny man Ed O'Neill. After playing hard-nosed patriarchs in Little Giants and Married...With Children, O'Neill starred as Relish the Troll King in The 10th Kingdom. More recently, he leant his voice for [Wreck-It Ralph](movie:228519) as Mr. Litwak. However, he is probably most recognizable these days for his return to form as head of the household Jay Pritchett in [Modern Family](series:201500).

Shawna Waldron - Becky "Icebox" O'Shea

Icebox certainly grew up! Waldron became something of a child star after Little Giants, landing roles in The American President and a guilty pleasure of mine, Mr. Headmistress. And, she's still tackling Hollywood, starring alongside Emma from Degrassi in Poison Ivy: The Secret Society and a few indie horror movies.

Devon Sawa - Junior

Any kid growing up in the 1990s will recognize Devon Sawa as the "adolescent heartthrob" in seemingly every live-action family movie. Following Little Giants, he banked notable roles in Casper, Now and Then, and Final Destination. He continued banking on his good looks, but these days he takes more action-driven roles in projects like Nikita.

Todd Bosley - Jake Berman

Everyone remembers Jake as the kid with the snot bubble in his nose with the kind of hilarious voice that made every line immediately quotable ("Don't you be talkin' bout my momma!" comes to mind). After his success in Little Giants and Robin Williams' Jack, Bosley continued acting with mostly guest starring roles in sitcoms like Seinfeld, Reba, and Still Standing. He landed the role of Howie the intern in Scrubs and appeared in family shows like iCarly and Good Luck Charlie.

Michael Zwiener - Rudy Zolteck

After helping his teammates nail "The Annexation of Puerto Rico" to win the climactic game against the Cowboys, Zwiener went on to star in another Rick Moranis movie. He played "Fang" the bully in Big Bully, but has not done much since the 1990s. He appeared in segments of gay-focused films Crush and Boys to Men. Since then, he most likely moved back to his home state of Illinois.

Troy Simmons - Rashid "Hot Hands" Hanon

Hot Hands has not done much acting since Little Giants. But, because sometimes life really does imitate art, he is still playing football. Awesomely enough, he's also featured on his friend's rap track under the name "Hot Handz."

Sam Horrigan - Spike

Ever since Little Giants, Sam Horrigan has been amazing at playing a Grade A a-hole. He was the arrogant villain in the DCOM Brink! and guest starred in shows like Grounded for Life and One Tree Hill. After starring in Accepted, he turned to reality TV playing the part of the lone male "beauty" on Beauty and the Geek. For any reality fans out there, you know that "character" turned out to be even worse than Spike.

Matthew Mccurley - Nubie

The brilliant manager who even impressed John Madden helped bring the hapless Giants to victory. After his turn as Nubie, McCurley pursued acting for a bit before becoming a "historian turned attorney turned professional writer" according to his website. He is currently turning his attention to the video game market, and he is pretty active on Twitter, where he writes on World of Warcraft and cute animals.

Marcus Toji - Marcus

Anyone else remember when Marcus Toji was a "Movie Surfer" on the Disney channel? Even if you don't, you may recognize Toji who has gotten pretty consistent guest starring work since Little Giants. He currently makes and stars in some of his own web films that you can watch here, and he provided the voice for Wing and Wei in [The Legend of Korra](movie:1028685).

Danny Pritchett - Tad Simpson

Danny Pritchett proved to be the most elusive to track down, mostly because he no longer acts. However, he exchanged the set for the stage, and now he is a talented musician who can play multiple instruments. Mostly opting for the upright bass, Pritchett is involved with a project called Luv Amp and seems to know his way around Burning Man.

Alexa PenaVega - Priscilla O'Shea

In her first starring role, Alexa PenaVega (formerly just Vega) played the youngest (and cutest) O'Shea who thanked God for Nickelodeon and Pez. PenaVega has gone on to have a substantial career, starring in three Spy Kids movies as the lead Carmen and in the cult favorite Repo! The Genetic Opera. More recently, she has appeared in [Machete Kills](movie:357491) and [Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For](movie:1374). Next, you can find her alongside Marisa Tomei and Jamie Lee Curtis in Spare Parts.

Time for me to go dust off the old VHS tape and convert this classic to a format that still exists. How did you feel about reliving the glory days of the Little Giants?


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