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While Captain America is a bit occupied with being frozen during the events of [Marvel's Agent Carter](series:1119765), his presence will apparently be felt in some pretty painful ways within the show.

According to a report by EW's Inside TV, Captain America lives on in spirit via a very American radio program that details his adventures during World War II. This, of course, means that Peggy and the Howling Commandos are constantly subject to an inaccurate retelling of their adventures, and the ongoing memory of their dear, lost hero, who left their freedom in their own hands after the events of The First Avenger.

The radio show uses old-timey expressions that will send you even farther back in time than Mad Men, and includes retro radio drama tricks such as punching meat to achieve proper action sound effects.

Alongside the mental torture that comes with being reminded of your lost lover every single day, Peggy is subject to a demeaning character portayal in the radio drama as "Betty Carver", a sensual yet incompetent woman who constantly needs her sweetheart, Captain America, to save her from endless perils. As opposed to, yknow...

Totally helpless. For sure.
Totally helpless. For sure.

Executive producer Michele Fazekas had this to say about the radio drama:

It’s the bane of Peggy’s existence because you have the Peggy character on the show, Betty Carver, and she’s played by this actress who does a soft Marilyn Monroe voice and she’s always in jeopardy ... If someone has a radio on, you’ll sometimes hear it, and it’s like, ‘Oh my God, can you please turn that off?’ It’s just fun and a great little window into that time period.”

But we all know what the real Peggy Carter is like, don't we?

Another fun addition, especially for the Los Angeles locals here at Moviepilot, is the casting of on-air personality Ralph Garman as the in-world radio show's host. Locals know him from KROQ's Kevin and Bean show, but you might also remember him in [Ted](movie:44049) and [A Million Ways to Die in the West](movie:774008).

I always love seeing extra details like these - stories told within stories - so the addition of the radio drama to this show is great. It keeps Cap around, but keeps the focus on Peggy by including a character so strikingly different from her, and so very insulting at that. Knowing Agent Carter, though, her reaction to this will probably be much more graceful and definitely more badass than mine would.


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