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Quincy Jackson

If any of you has been watching the news you can see Sony has made a real mess of things with Spider-man franchise. There are some things I like from them, but this is not one of them. This Spider-man was a bad Idea from the start. They should have waited. That is too much like right. Some people only care about money and not what really matters. It is true that Sony is going do what it wants no matter what, even if it destroys this iconic character we all know and love. When I look at some of the Ideas Sony wanted to do with Spider-man, one word comes to mind reckless.. It's time for the hero we love to go back home. I can wait another 8 years for this blow over. Then maybe a new Spidey can come to light, until then I will look for him in comic books. I have heard a lot of contradictory things about whether or not Sony was going to continue with Andrew Garfield as Spider-man. If it was me I would run and never look back. I guess my vision of Spider-man only lives in a book and with the old Spider-man movies.


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