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Marvel gifted their eager fans with an "ant-sized" teaser trailer for Ant-Man last week and the poster earlier today. Just look at this thing and tell me it's not some sort of cruel joke:

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

Talk about a clever marketing move, not to mention a solid reminder that clearly states, "Hey, we're Marvel. We can do whatever we want and you're gonna love it." Okay, Marvel, you tease! I'm intrigued. So after staring at my computer screen like this for about 10 minutes...


Entertainment Weekly released their exclusive cover, which, thankfully, shows a magnified Paul Rudd in the Ant-Man suit!

Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly

Naturally I realized that I would have to tune into Agent Carter to finally see the human-sized, full-length world premiere teaser trailer for the upcoming superhero movie. Trust me, I was not disappointed.

If you didn't tune in to see the trailer during [Marvel's Agent Carter](series:1119765), then lucky for you we've got the teaser (to be fair, less of a teaser and more of a full-length trailer! Thanks, Marvel!) locked and loaded for your viewing pleasure. Check it out below:

While there has been some debate over whether Ant-Man is a superhero worthy of his own movie, whether Paul Rudd is the man to play Scott Lang, and generally, if it will be any good after the departure of director Edgar Wright, this teaser quelled all of my not-totally-irrational fears.

Even if you're still not completely sold on Peyton Reed's Ant-Man, it's helpful to remember that Marvel movies are like pizza. Even if it's not the best, it'll still be pretty darn good.

After bumping up the film for a summer release, Marvel fans in the U.S. will be able to see Ant-Man on the big screen starting July 17, 2015.


Are you excited to see Ant-Man in theaters?


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