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Catrina Dennis

The countdown ticks like a clock in our minds. There's been an awakening in our nostalgia. Can you feel it?

[Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) opens on December 18th, and the anticipation is almost painful. For me, every day that I don't hear something new about the series is spent exploring something old, or researching the new lore (I have a problem, sorry). But for illustrator George Folz, the countdown is shaping up to be a bit more productive than that.

Folz calls his year-long project "DarthDays", and is on a mission to recreate an icoinic scene from the Star Wars saga every day for the whole of 2015.

This particular series clued me in to the artists' other work, including his upcoming comic, The Roman Nose. Make sure to give George a follow so that you, too, can have great Star Wars art on your timeline for the rest of the year!


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