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I will bathe the star ways in your blood.

  • Black Bolt

First Choice: Vin Diesel

After being rumoured for the longest time and with Diesel throwing in hints of becoming the role himself, it would be difficult seeing anyone else be Black Bolt. This would give him the spotlight for sure, even more so than Groot.

  • Medusa

First Choice: Jessica Chastain

After seeing her in Interstellar, I was convinced she should totally become the Queen of the Inhumans. Never have I been disappointed with her performances. Chastain and Diesel would provide Marvel with a tremendous duet of talent.

  • Crystal

First Choice: Saoirse Ronan

Having a younger face among older actors like Diesel and Chastain would cause a brilliant dynamic, especially with Ronan. The Lovely Bones and Hanna were quite emotional and intense but she managed to carry each of those motion pictures.

  • Karnak

First Choice: Matthew Fox

After being the front-runner in Lost, I feel he deserves a role in a large budget movie from Marvel. He is an incredible actor and was ultimately the first character in Lost that made that show believable. He has such a different personality than Diesel that this casting just seems perfect.

  • Triton

First Choice: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Always have enjoyed his performances as well. He just has a mysterious look to him that could easily be tweaked to looking like Triton. I also think he deserves a role in a large budget movie from Marvel.

  • Gorgon

First Choice: Manu Bennett

This is an interesting choice because he is phenomenal as Deathstroke in Arrow, but since DC is keeping their tv and movies separate, he should definitely take this role from Marvel. Besides, jumping from Marvel to DC or vice-versa has happened before. Ryan Reynolds was Green Lantern and Deadpool, and Halle Berry was Storm and Catwoman.

  • Maximus the Mad

First Choice: Dominic West

Just about everyone hated him for being a traitor in 300, and most people want to see that evil, manipulative side to him again, but even more menacing and bad ass. Marvel can make him a delicious villain. He has the chops to stand up against Diesel and the rest of the Inhumans so I really hope he gets the part.

  • Attilan

I hope Agents of Shield has like 7 or 8 seasons and ends with The Infinity War Part 2 in 2019. They can totally keep dropping hints left and right to the MCU because the connections to the movies is what makes that show even more amazing.


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