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Natalie Portman's distaff Western has seen its fair share of delays between Michael Fassbender dropping out and the original director leaving, but now [Jane Got a Gun](movie:400498) looks like it's definitely moving forward! And, there are pictures to prove it.

Portman plays a woman living in the Old West, who is forced to defend her home after her husband is betrayed by his gang. She enlists a past love interest (Joel Edgerton) to help push back against the pack of criminals (with leader Ewan McGregor).

If these early images are any indicator, there is a brooding, emotional conflict at the heart of this movie, and I'm thrilled it's finally getting off the ground. Check them out!

Joel Edgerton as Dan Frost

Jane's former flame will hopefully not hog too much of the spotlight. I want to see Natalie hold her own.

Speaking of flames...

Things are looking dire back home on the range.

The gang of criminals

Looks like a nasty bunch who sticks to the shadows.

Is That Annie Oakley?

Is it me, or does Natalie look totally natural in the garb from the Wild West?

New feelings reemerge?

Something tells me Dan won't remain a "former" flame for very long.

Jane takes aim

I definitely would not want to mess with this side of Natalie.

Needless to say, this movie cannot come soon enough, but sadly we will have to wait until September 4, 2015.

Are you as excited as I am for a modern Western?


Will you be checking out Jane Got A Gun?


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