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Jashan Boparai

Today, the Wrap reported that two actors have been circling roles in next year's Deadpool solo movie.

According to them, comedian T.J. Miller and Ed Skrein are in talks to join the movie. Although they don't know who the actors are playing, Miller's role is reportedly a comedic one. Personally, I think he's Bob the HYDRA Agent.

I wouldn't be surprised if that's who he plays. [Deadpool](movie:38663)'s sidekick would be a wonderful addition to the movie, and we can see more interaction between characters on screen. It's unknown if the word HYDRA itself belongs to Marvel, considering Madame Hydra's name was still Viper in The Wolverine. Here's hoping it's Bob the HYDRA agent though.

Skrein is reported to be an antagonist in the film, and I'm blank for ideas. Taskmaster, maybe?

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Do you think Miller will play Bob the HYDRA Agent?


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