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Are aliens near us? Are aliens among us? Do they exist in the way we've conceived them in movies or do they have undetectable armor of some sort that we can't even comprehend? Do they fly spaceships similar to ours in order to cross through galaxies?

These are all questions I've asked at some point, and every time a video like this one pops up I'm always a little bit wary. You truly never actually know what's out there, no matter what scientists say. There's a level of predictability that we can't reach for other forms of life existing. We just can't be sure.

Which leads me to this video, courtesy of


What is that?

It appears to be a white orb that gets ejected during the meteor's descent. Or maybe, if you think a bit more logically it's just the meteor breaking apart? Hmm... Where are Scully and Mulder? Regardless of whether you thought this specific orb comes from some sort of alien object, this brings up a valid question.

What is your opinion on extraterrestrials?


Do you think aliens exist?


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