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It is confirmed that TNT is making a program featuring a more grown up Teen Titans. I have complied a list of 10 Teen Titans heroes who I believe should appear in the show for at least a cameo. These choices are inspired by both the comics and the cartoon.

1.) Bumblebee

Bumblebee is one of the greatest Titans out there. She is certainly worthy of a few appearances throughout the series.

2.) Tim Drake or Jason Todd

I think it would be wise to tie this web of characters more into the Batman family. They could either use Jason Todd as a villain, or introduce Tim Drake as a later member of the team (replacement leader???).

3.) Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and Lightning provide a great dynamic to the Titan mythos. With either a good brother/brother or brother/sister personality clash, they are sure to add something to at least an episode or two.

4.) New 52 New Comers

See, that's them in the back.
See, that's them in the back.

I couldn't really bring myself to choose between Solstice, Bunker, and Skitter for this list. So, instead, i'll pick all three. Solstice would be cool to see in live action. Bunker is a great character with lots of possibilities. Skitter would make for a cool episode plot.

5.) Miss Martian (and her uncle)

Miss Martian was a really fun character in Young Justice. My favorite part of Miss Martian, however, was that she was an open door to include Martian Manhunter into the universe. I'm sure I'm not the only one aching to see a live action Martian Manhunter.

6.) Hot Spot

Hot Spot was really cool in the cartoon. It would be fun to see him in at least a cameo or two.

8.) Baby Wildebeest

Another Character picked because of his appearance on the show, Wildebeest would be cool to see in a live action show.

9.) Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

Blue Beetle is an incredibly cool hero. He would definitely boost in popularity if he got a chance to shine as a character in this show. This would be awesome to see.

10.) Jericho

As Deathstroke's son, Jericho is an important character in Teen Titans mythos. He would be a good way to tie the show to Deathstroke.

Honorable Mention

The Doom Patrol: I would love to see the Doom Patrol make an appearance in this show (maybe even opening a window to a Doom Patrol series). My favorite season of the cartoon series was the 5th because of the inclusion of The Doom Patrol, which is a team that could certainly use a popularity boost. Plus, they can tie in with Bumblebee and Beast Boy!

Thanks for reading. Let me know how you felt in the comments. Did I miss anybody?


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