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I'll admit, I can see why Constantine is doing pretty poorly. I mean, I love the show and Matt Ryan has done an amazing job as the titular character. But the show has done some pretty risky things that have landed it in a bit of a funky situation. For one thing, it's singled itself out from other DC TV shows like Arrow, Gotham, and Flash. While it's not entirely impossible for us to see John Constantine team up with the likes of Oliver Queen, it's highly unlikely. But if you're a fan of the Hellblazer comics, I recommend watching this hidden gem within the DC Universe!

If you're fan of the comics but have been a bit skeptical about the show, you might be pleased with the info I have for you today! Mark Margolis, of Breaking Bad fame has been cast as well-known DC Comics villain Felix Faust!

Mark Margolis is Felix Faust
Mark Margolis is Felix Faust

About Felix Faust

Felix Faust is a DC staple, appearing across many different storylines in mainstream and non-mainstream titles. This will be Felix Faust's first live-action appearance, having only appeared in animated DC projects prior. This is awesome news, as the appearance of Felix could tie John Constantine with the rest of the DCTVU (DC Television Universe)!

How? Well, Felix isn't just a Constantine villain, he's appeared mostly as a villain to Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League as whole. Though we've yet to see any nods to Felix in other DC shows, having someone like Faust could open up many plotline possibilities. Perhaps Faust decides to go to Keystone City and terrorize its citizens. Flash would have to deal with him and maybe he can call in someone who's already dealt with Felix Faust and knows his weaknesses: John Constantine. Though I seriously doubt that DC will do something as amazing as that, having Felix appear in more than one show would at least assure us that Constantine isn't a lone wolf in all this.

As for the casting of Felix, Mark Margolis wouldn't have been my first choice, but after being able to wow us with his acting talents in Breaking Bad, despite being a mute old man in a wheelchair for the majority of it, I think he has the acting chops to pull it off!

What do you think? Are you excited to see Felix Faust show up in Constantine?


Are you excited to see Felix Faust show up in Constantine?


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