ByMercedes Spickerman, writer at

So what ever happened to The Mortal Instruments? I mean yeah the first movie came out but what about the ENTIRE FREAKING SERIES that I'm still waiting to hit the big screen.

You can't simply take people like Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, have them do one movie together (Jamie is always looking mighty fine by the way) then not so the sequels, all six of them.

Come on. I need more Jace Wayland/Morgenstern/Herondale with Clary Fray/Morgenstern. I did not buy every single book to fall in love with characters and not see them be brought to life. Heck I even rooted for Jace and Clary when they thought that they were related (please don't judge me). Can I please at least know who would play Sebastian (Jonathan Christopher) Morgenstern.

I also ship Alec and Magnus. This needs to happen.

Sure, you can make it into a TV series but PLEASE have the original characters in it. Jamie already agreed he would do the movies if asked, so why stinking not. This could be a franchise. It already was. Heck I'll buy an entire theaters worth of tickets if that is what it takes.



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