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2015 dawns new challenges and obstacles for me as a young author with a vision, seeing my book transfer to film. The first two original books flopped fading into an obscure world of darkness. It also became apparent to me the perhaps this needed to happen to me once more. Only after burning away 200+ dollars on publishing these books, did I realise the horror of overlooking all the mistakes in the books. I attempted to accommodate and created the Syndicate X reading challenge, but I was only fooling myself. No one was getting hooked and books are a high risky move these days. My vision of seeing these new heroes turning into an independent superhero movie is still considered an insane stretch. So to hopefully hook any future potential readers I will talk about the books characters, sadly i don't have the artistic fortitude to make them but i can describe them.

The main character is Zeak Dartail, an over the top hero, who isn't the smartest guy. The only plans he congers up revolve around battle. He's over confident and lazy. He has the power to move objects and create physical energy blast the amplify his damage. ( Most powers are mostly likely nothing new, however it's what they decide how to use their powers is rather questionable. The lines of heroes and villains will be blurred.)

Jessica Dalu is Zeak's girlfriend. She's a sarcastic cute girl with an addiction to gambling or taking a bet. In this world instead of the main superhero trying to hook up with his or her love life, Zeak tries is hardest to maintain the love they have shared for years. She can make water willingly appear and move it to her will. She's also adapt to want to find a fight, she lures foes in with pretend seduction or lake of ability to defend herself and then proceeds to kick ass and take names.

Dajh Dartail is the half younger brother to Zeak. He's a polite young man who finds comfort with his brothers slang. Dajh joins the team to reunite with his brother and take on and and all enemies together. He has the ability to summon shadow demons in various forms. The demons lash out and eat whatever target is in front of them.

Tony Sindas is Zeak's best friend. He is a man that is willing to follow Zeak anywhere, anytime and commences to do even more stupid shit than Zeak does. He's not too bright but he knows when to heave a rock and toss some ground to slam in some enemies.

Kail Dartail is perhaps the most interesting brother. He was left on an island to die as a kid but managed to savage and hunt and keep alive for years. Very early on he seeks power and gets it. I'll leave his power a secret for now, the first two original books are still heavy indicators of his path and behaviours though.

Tim Loxley, is a young polite boy. His family name Loxley is known as the richest family on the planet. His father wants him to keep up the family tradition however he does not feel up to it. His life is altered in a very surprising way.

Diana Linn is a young girl who is hopelessly addicted to television and knows every swear word and sexual behaviour. This troubled girl is bound to get into shenanigans one way or the other.

Draix Linn is a talking dragon (Nothing New) that raids planets for gold to eat it and become stronger upon devouring the gold. (<-This bit that makes it different, I think. He's also the father of Diana.)

There are a number of characters that also build up this world. I will leave them to hopeful future readers and possible fans to discover. This mixed world of darkness and hate also adds another layer. Syndicate X was something a lot more special to me of course. It's a place were I was allowed to recreate myself in a new light and revisit friends I will most likely never see again do to circumstances. To bring this project to the next level would be incredible. If someone where to pick up a copy of the first two books and came up to me hypothetically speaking of course, I would apologise for not only all the mistakes but for all the sexual content they had to endure. I was told rather young that sex sells and as a result I threw caution to the wind and let it all swing out. This is still no exception to the new book I plan on publishing, the new and improved Syndicate X. If anything I'm trying to push those bits even more just to get people interested. I think the romance aspect is just as important if not more compelling, living my young life as shy single guy I find myself bound by most romance stories. This is why I made Jessica and Zeak an indicated couple from the get go. In other words it's no spoiler alert. I focus more on their relationship as it stands now and I think in terms of the superhero movies that this concept hasn't been pushed enough. At this rate someone will beat me to the punch but I would still carry it on regardless.

I also wanted to do something where the action was just insane. I sprinkled battles all over the book to insure that if a movie one day is green lit the action would blow people away. The main problem from previous times was that it was so hard to envision a thing and then write it and make it seem clear, battles in particular were a real challenge for me and even still are a bit of a challenge now. The feeling of the book is that the powers are meant to be fast paced but still well executed. I will attempt my hardest to put out a book the carries out all these features. If I could draw good I would have made this a graphic novel a long time ago. I can't seem to pick up drawing that well I try to practice every day but I never managed to get better. However my writing skills, I feel have improved greatly. After six rewrites, it's a pain to hear that after so much work and time and effort that the world seems to be moving away from books. I don't know what else to bring to the table either.

I am writing this because I'm terrified and I'm attempting to get attention before I publish the book this time. A third flop and I think i'll be done for good. I simply can't handle the stress and worse...depression of knowing that the work I attempt to put out just dies without being seen or in this case read. I've personally felt like I had to read my own book, and it brings me less and less pleasure as I see all those mistakes. I'm the type of person who does beat them selves down and I do it very often. I hope that one day possible fans will emerge, hearing some positive feedback would be nice for a change. Hell I would also welcome other criticisms, I would at least know that someone tried it out. Syndicate X the movie and possible video game are still a pipe dream. But when i was just a kid, I wanted to publish a dream and with all those no's it seemed like a pipe dream. But I proved a small number of people wrong even if it emptied my wallet and was ultimately poorly written. Hopefully the new Syndicate X will shift that, a lot has changed already (No spoilers) <-Again not that anyone was going to be spoiled by something they knew nothing about. I still hope the changes will be seen by someone or a group of people. My goal is to attempt to appear at a 2015 comic con most likely in Rhode Island and as a volunteer and have my book published before that point. But I would still need money, publishing isn't free and don't even get me started with attempting to promote, it's just a hassle and was even more money wasted on prior books when I look back. Unless this article somehow gets someone interested to read one of the most poorly written books ever, which would come as a surprise. Maybe some type of crazed twitter thing would hype this up like a or something along those lines. I've tried hyping my book on youtube with little to no success either. But I won't stop, I can't, Syndicate X is my only legacy to leave behind as far as I know. It's the only thing that I felt like shared a real me. The one in pain yet fighting with intense ferocity. I've tried to help others which led to my Digimon World 6 petition which is just another thing that hasn't gotten a big push even with this website. I just want one chance to prove I can also make it as an actor or game writer because those are the only other two things I think i'm even remotely good at. There are no television shows I'm aware of that even record in Rhode island and I can't even afford to move. In other words I'm stuck and this might just be another attempt of a call out for someone to reach out extend their hands and help me out of this ordeal. In return I would be forever grateful for anyone who decides to pick up any version of Syndicate X, it would at least solve my money issues somewhat. Even as a joke to promote my book I made a rap battle for Zeak Dartail versus Ironman and put in on their site, here is a link:

This is me attempting to do what I can to give Zeak Dartail and the rest of Syndicate X the push they desperately need.


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