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Hey what's up Marvel fanboys and girls! So if you're lucky, you got to watch Agent Carter at it's actual premiere time. But if you're unlucky, like me, you are unable to watch it right now and must painstakingly and anxiously wait until later to witness this amazing television event!


But even though I'l have t wait until later to watch and review Agent Carter, I was still able to watch and review the new "Human Sized" Ant-Man teaser that premiered alongside it, thanks to the internet!

So let's take a closer look at this tiny tidbit of epic potential! Alright, I'll stop.

So first up, the main man himself: Scott Lang.

Portrayed by Paul Rudd. Scott Lang is a common thief-turned-hero in the comics. The first time we see him in the film, he's being let out of prison after serving his time for thievery. I'm glad they're sticking close to the comic version of the character for Scott Lang, and not adding any personality or motive changes. It's made apparent in the trailer that Scott doesn't start off as a hero, and probably has no intention of becoming one. That is until someone gives him the chance to.

Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man! I'm a little saddened that Hank won't be wearing the iconic costume, nothing against Scott Lang, it's just Hank has always been my favorite of the two. That being said, it seems that Mr. Pym will still have a huge part in the life of Ant-Man! For one thing, he convinces Scott to don his old costume and leave his life of crime behind. Though I'm sure Scott will get involuntary criminal impulses every now and then throughout the film; but with the help of Hank Pym and his old-man wisdom, Scott will be a natural do-gooder by the film's end! And like any hero, Scott has motivation: someone or something to fight for! For Scott, that's his daughter.

Scott's life change is because of him wanting to be a better father to his daughter, and give her a reason to look up to him. In the comics, he crosses paths with Hank Pym and the Ant-Man suit when he broke in to Hank's lab and stole the suit so he could use it to find someone who could help his ill daughter. He is subsequently caught and jailed, only to be let out thanks to the help of Hank Pym, who allows Scott to keep the suit as long as he promises to use it for good. I'm not sure if his daughter is ill in the film (she doesn't look much like it), but if she is, this would help clear up some questions I have regarding the plot; mainly, why does Hank Pym trust a deadly weapon like his Ant-Man suit with a lowly thief like Scott Lang?

It would make sense that the reason we see Scott in prison in the teaser is because he was caught stealing Hank's suit. It would also make sense Hank visiting him in jail, he probably paid his bail.

It would also justify the fact that Hank Pym has cameras on Scott at almost all times and has quote: "Been watching you for awhile now". I mean, if he did steal his suit, it'd make sense for Hank to be keeping an eye on him. But if not...Hank might be a bit of a stalker.

Pretty unhealthy hobby there Hank...
Pretty unhealthy hobby there Hank...

Speaking of Scott most likely stealing Hank's suit, in the trailer we get to see two pretty cool shots of Cross Technological Enterprises, the lab that Scott, wearing the suit, breaks in to in order to find someone to help his daughter.

This is wear we get a glimpse at Dan Cross a.k.a Yellowjacket, portrayed by Corey Stoll. Yellowjacket is a well-known villain in the Marvel Universe and a common adversary of Ant-Man (both Hank and Scott)!

No doubt if Scott does break into Dan's lab, it won't go unnoticed. This could spark a retaliation from Cross and eventually lead to him donning the Yellowjacket costume!

Unfortunately we don't actually get to see the Yellowjacket costume in the teaser, but we do get tons of awesome shots of Scott in the Ant-Man costume!

Scott approves
Scott approves

The suit looks great and honestly even though we don't get a bunch of long action sequence shots in the trailer, there's enough to clearly see that Paul Rudd is actually taking this—seriously. See, I was a bit skeptical when Paul was cast as the lead role. I think he's a great actor, but I was afraid he was going to make this movie one big joke. It's nice to know that even though he's going to be cracking a bunch of jokes in the film, he's able to be serious when he needs to.

I'll admit, that CGI ant does bother me a bit. It's just so obviously...CGI! But despite that, I always thought they were't going to have him riding ants much. It just seemed a bit ridiculous, I mean that stuff could work in comics; but in an action film? I wasn't too sure about it. But after seeing him ride ants in the teaser and somehow still look bad-ass, I'm impressed.

It's not seen in the trailer, but I hope at some point in the film, Scott transforms in to Giant-Man!

There's also a moment in a trailer where we see who I think to be Hope Van Dyne, but it's for a very brief moment so it's hard to tell.

Portrayed by Evangeline Lilly, Hope is the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp. Hope takes her mother's name apparently because she is not a fan of her father, and is a potential love interests for Scott. It's also being rumored that she'll don the Wasp costume. Though she does don a costume in the comics, it's not her mothers. She becomes the supervillain the Red Queen, an enemy of the superhero team A-Next. This is likely not the approach Marvel is taking, so there's still a chance for her to become the Wasp.

All in all, the teaser is a great little look at things to come. It's not too impressive or too revealing, but it does its job; which is to get us talking about this film. I'm still pretty stoked for Ant-Man and will be checking it out when it releases this July!

What did you think of the teaser trailer?


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