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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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Marvel Studios has released the first trailer for their upcoming film Ant-Man, starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas.

The film, which is being described as a "heist" movie with superheroes, has reportedly retained some of the structure from its original script, including flashbacks that may tie into the events of Marvel's upcoming Agent Carter TV series.

You may check it out below:

From the Avengers to Ant-Man Marvel is having a lucky year with the release of Avengers Age of Ultron in May followed by Ant-Man in July and next year comes Captain America Civil War and followed by the rest of the movies.

Scott Lang gets Arrested

As we knew Paul Rudd's Scott Lang will be arrested like we saw the first photos of him stealing the Ant-Man suit.

Paul Rudd in full sized Ant-Man suit

The Ant-Man suit

Fits perfectly for him after it was given to him by Hank Pym he must now wear that suit to embrace his inner hero.

Action and shrinking is what we'll see in the movie

That face tho
That face tho

Ant-Man's first ride

His first time wearing that suit and already getting the hang of it

He's trying so hard for his daughter

Scott Lang wants what's best for his daughter

And... comedy

is it too late to change the name?
is it too late to change the name?

Every movie needs to have a comedic scene where they make jokes to make us laugh

Ant-Man hits theatres in July 17 2015


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