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OK, maybe there are one or two other options. First, let's get out of the way that Agent Carter is fantastic broadcast television. It's fast, punchy and witty. Done. Review over.

Go effing see it.

But we have more important things to talk about. And that's Daniel Sousa, a.k.a. white guy from Peggy's office with crutches and myriad sparks of chivalry.

Daniel Sousa (Agent Carter)
Daniel Sousa (Agent Carter)

At first, I thought he was the pantless newscaster who dated Robin in [How I Met Your Mother](series:200728), but even I have a limit when it comes to conspiracies.

Here's a refresher of Daniel's character in the series:

Like Peggy, Daniel Sousa is overlooked at the SSR because of a perceived shortcoming: a war injury to his leg has left him with a permanent limp. Limited by his disability, Sousa must rely on his wits and intellect. He is the real brains of this outfit. Although connected to Peggy by their status as "second class citizens," his sharp acumen could make him Peggy's most dangerous rival.

I hope all of your alarm bells just went off like mine, because I don't trust this clown for a second. Though I promise I have better evidence than just gut reactions to a TV show I'm watching unsupervised.

Daniel Sousa is played by Enver Gjokaj. Sound familiar? I bet it does. But for all of you non-encyclopedic "normal" people, ol' Enver has shown up in the Marvel universe before. Or should I say...AFTER.

The Avengers (2012)
The Avengers (2012)

Confused? Here's another shot of Daniel in "Agent Carter:"

"Daniel Sousa"
"Daniel Sousa"

Keep in mind that the first clip shows Enver playing a police officer in The Avengers. And of course, Daniel Sousa (IF THAT'S YOUR REAL NAME) is hanging out in 1946 with the SSR.

Nice try, Dan.

There are several options here. Option #1 is that Enver incidentally showed up to two casting calls and they laughed it off in the writing room.

Agreed, Peggy. I call that the boring option.

Option #2 is that Enver is a Time Lord seeking world domination alongside Stan Lee.

Option #3 (which I like to call the I better end this article with something at least somewhat plausible) is that the cop we see in The Avengers is Daniel Sousa's grandson, and Daniel accidentally married his second cousin or something.

Even so, GROSS Daniel Sousa!

And finally, Option 'tcareanymore is that Daniel Sousa is a Time Lord traveling between our favorite TV shows just to mess with our leading ladies. Including his role as Lukka in Community, where he plays an Eastern European war criminal who got his rocks off massacring entire villages.

Lukka a.k.a. Murderer.
Lukka a.k.a. Murderer.

This is the world we live in. Where this genocidal Who Doctor gets away with charming TV's most promising British badass.



What do you think? Is Daniel a Time Lord?


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