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Steven “Geeked Out” Merced

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Comic and movie fans (comic fans a bit more vocal here) have demanded a female centric Marvel movie.That’s still a ways off but what we got tonight was the beginning of what is arguably one of the most important shows for women in television. The two hour premiere of “Agent Carter” is an, action packed, well written and humorous debut that will appeal to a very wide audience.

“Agent Carter” opens with some flashbacks to the first Captain America movie to establish where we are. This is not too long after Steve Rogers’ plane went down. Peggy Carter is back at work protecting the world from different kinds of threats. The first episode sets up the big story arc involving Howard Stark being accused of treason. There are bombs being created that when released, create a ridiculous amount of damage that tests the laws of physics. The second episode slows down a little bit to add more layers to the plot and add some needed character development.


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