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The day was filled with so much anticipation with just wanting to get a glimpse of the trailer. We were treated to a small dose that came in the form of an official poster for [Ant-Man](movie:9048) as you can see.


Many people were not happy but i applaud Marvel on the marketing campaign they've had with this film. I myself find absolutely hilarious and in the true nature of Marvel so thumbs up there! The people were not let down just yet though as thanks to Entertainment Weekly we got our first magnified view of Paul Rudd in full Ant-Man gear.

This did not settle me down one bit in fact it made me want the trailer even more than ever. The trailer finally aired though and i was just left in awe at everything i had seen. Ant-Man blew my expectations out of the water as i was expecting something pretty good but instead got Epic! I mean the trailer from the beginning had Michael Douglas who plays Hank Pym narrating how hes been keeping a close eye on Paul Rudd who plays Scott Lang.

Not Creepy......
Not Creepy......

If you're not familiar with Ant-Man you should know Hank Pym is the first iteration of Ant-Man and Scott Lang is the second. The trailer then goes on to a montage featuring Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne, Corey Stoll as Darren Cross a.k.a YellowJacket as well as many ants! I loved the shrinking scene i think they did a very good job at bringing this to the big screen.

The trailer didn't do one thing that i was kinda hoping for and that give us a sneak at YellowJacket in action. It did however give us a glimpse of Darren Cross who becomes Yellowjacket but it might be something they're saving for later only time will tell.

Darren Cross A.K.A Yellowjacket
Darren Cross A.K.A Yellowjacket

It might not happen at all but I'm going to guess it will is the fact we might be getting Wasp on the big screen. As we all know Evangeline Lilly is playing Hope Van Dyne who is Hank Pym's daughter and her mother is Janet Van Dyne the original Wasp in the comics. It would be no surprise for her to take the mantle of the Wasp to help Lang with the heist they will need to pull off. This could be the reason for all the training we see in the trailer between Lilly and Rudd.

We might not have gotten to see Wasp or Yellowjacket but the suit that Lang sports looks amazing and that's an understatement. They also gave us something to top everything off from all the awesome we got and that's freaking Ant-Man riding an Ant!

I cannot wait for this movie like the anticipation is huge already now its time though to wait for the Age Of Ultron trailer next week! I will be having a YouTube video on Ant-Man as well so make sure you're subscribed to me there!

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