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2014 is done and man was it a good year for the cinema... I remember back in the tail end of 2013 when they kept announcing movies, it seemed all the announcements ended with "2015". This worried me about the year that was to follow... You know what 2014 did not disappoint us. We had movies like Captain America 2, Guardians Of The Galaxy, 22 Jump Street, The Lego Movie, The Hobbit: 5 Armies and we even squeezed in time for a Dumb and Dumber sequel (If you saw this movie I do apologize).

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Or just watch the video for our Look ahead...

It is the year ahead that i am interested in today though, There is a plethora of great movies heading to our local cineplex and i wanted to try and gauge where our interests are lying... So what are you most excited about???

Here is my list as it stands...

5. Terminator Genisys

This movie is one i want to see purely to satisfy my morbid curiosity... I have no real hopes for this movie and as such go into it with very low expectations. I hate the fact that they are trying to pull a JJ on this once incredible franchise and re-write everything. Lets face it Singer has proven it doesn't always work with Days of Future Past (Garbage). I see this movie getting lost in a river of greatness this year.

4. Jurassic World

I feel the world has gone to long without a Jurassic Park movie and although they seem to have made what looks to be a carbon copy of the first flick, I am completely okay with that. It is Dino's doing what they do best... What is not to love. Also Chris Pratt is on form right now, so there is always that.

3. Furious 7

Probably the flick you all thought would be least likely to make my list considering all the biggies coming this year. However I am lucky enough to have 2 guilty pleasure movies dropping in 2015. Pitch Perfect 2 is coming and the latest in what i feel is a franchise that is only growing stronger hits our screens. R.I.P Paul Walker i cant wait to see your last outing.

2. Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Marvel are proving to be an absolute Juggernaut of movie making geniuses and after releasing there slate till 2019 they show no sign of letting up. 2015 sees the release of Ant-Man which could prove to be a bit of a risk but it will be fine because first we get Avengers 2 "Holy Shit". The trailer looks amazing and Spader doing voice-work for Ultron is some damn fine casting.

1. Star Wars The Force Awakens

Was there ever any doubt in your mind that this flick would be my most anticipated, surely it is everyones... Oh man i wish it was december now. This trailer has me so excited, just seeing the falcon in all its glory again is enough to bring out my inner fanboy... IN JJ I TRUST...

So that is the 5 flicks i am most excited to see in 2015 but of course there are a lot more movies coming out too. So my question is what movies are you guys looking froward to seeing this year????

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What Do You Most Want To See In 2015


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