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21st January 9pm The 100 Returns

I am a Huge fan of CW's The 100 and I have been since it first started and Season 2 brought us so much more than I ever expected.

"The Harvest Chambers"
"The Harvest Chambers"

We find out that the grounders are being kept prisoners in Mount Weathers Harvest Chambers. Only to find out Anya leader of the Grounders is one of the many stuck in a tiny cage waiting for their turn. I don't know about you guys but I couldn't have seen this kind of storyline coming.

Jaha on earth!!
Jaha on earth!!

Jaha has landed! Now at the end of Season 1 we see him stay behind in an effort to save his people but in Season 2 it seems he manages to find a solution after going a little bonkers and being convinced that he is now looking after a baby that was left behind. I mean sounds ludicrous, we are all thinking it but hey if it brings him to earth to be with the others then who are we to complain.

"Thank you princess" If you watched the latest episode of The 100 Then you would of course remember the most heartbreaking scene we have seen so far in the show. Now for those of you that don't remember I found a video just to remind you. Now of all things I thought that would happen when Clarke went out of those gates Killing Finn wasn't exactly my first choice. However bombing the grounders into oblivion was. But sometimes you can't have everything.

Well after that mid season finale recap I hope you are all set for the new episodes we have to come.


Do you think Clarke should have killed Finn?


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