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When it comes to the Vampire Diaries big three, Paul Wesley is by far the most enigmatic of the trio, which only makes the actor even more intriguing.

While Ian Somerhalder is widely known for his charity work and Nina Dobrev is famed for her endeavours to encourage young people to take up sporting activities, Wesely's work outside the hit CW series is much less well known.

So, in an attempt to shine a spotlight on this oft-unappreciated member of the Mystic Falls crew, here are some facts about Paul Welsey that you probably didn't know before.

12. Reformed Rebel

Paul Wesley might play the goody two shoes of the Vampire Diaries crew, but he also has plenty of experience when it comes to being a rebel.

Wesley was expelled from his first school, the Christian Brothers Academy in New Jersey for being involved in numerous fights.

The actor credits getting involved with school theater productions with helping him turn his troubled youth around.

11. Buff BFFs

Paul Wesley's best friend is Ben McKenzie of The O.C. and Gotham fame.

10. European Roots

Although Paul Wesley was born in America, the star has strong Polish roots that he is very proud of.

Wesley spent four months of every year in Poland until he was 16-years-old and he also speaks fluent Polish.

Many members of Wesley's family still reside in the Eastern European country, so the actor visits often.

9. What's In a Name?

Paul Wesley is not actually the actor's real name. He was christened Paul Thomas Wasilewski, but he changed his name in 2005 to make it easier for people to pronounce.

Being a true gentleman, he asked for his parent's permission first.

8. Sister Act

Paul Wesley was brought up surrounded by sisters. He is the only boy among his siblings and has two younger sisters and one older.

7. Wedded Woes

Despite being only 32-years-old, Paul Wesley has already gone through a divorce.

The actor was married to Torrey DeVitto in April 2011 after meeting on the set of Killer Movie back in 2007.

Unfortunately, their holy union wasn't meant to be and the pair filed for divorce in July 2013.

6. Television? Nah!

Despite the fact that he is a huge TV star, Paul Wesley doesn't actually own a television and the actor claims he never watches TV.

5. Literary Lover

Although Paul Wesley isn't that into TV, he is clearly a lover of great literature. He has a special soft spot for J.D. Salinger's classic, 'The Catcher in the Rye.'

'Catcher in the Rye' changed my life when I was a kid. I read it as I was a boy turning into a man, and I was so fascinated by the values. I believe in it.

4. He Believes

Paul Wesley doesn't just act as a supernatural creature, he believe in them too. The actor once recounted how he saw a ghost when he was a child.

I saw a ghost once. When I was a kid my family was staying in a rental in Rhode Island in Cape Cod. I woke up and saw a woman standing with her arms crossed, starring out the window. I realized she wasn’t with our group, so I called out to her and she turned to me and faded. I was confused and I didn’t realize it was a ghost until later, but by that point I was scared.

3. Tattoo Transformation

Paul Wesley covered up a regrettable teenage tattoo of a skull and crossbones with a beautiful rose.

2. Pattinson Appreciation Society

While they are both smoldering vampire hunks, the modest Paul Wesley doesn't think he would stand a chance alongside his Twilight counterpart, Robert Pattinson. He once said in an interview that:

I think any girl would throw me under a bus to be within five feet of Robert Pattinson. I actually think he's an attractive guy. And I watched most of 'Twilight,' and I think he was really intriguing.

1. Indie Angel

Paul Wesley has probably featured in more movies than any of his Vampire Diaries contemporaries, even if you might not have heard of a lot of them.

Wesley has a soft spot for indie flicks and in the past two years alone he has starred in Before I Disappear and Amira & Me.

Fans can also look out for him in the upcoming movies Mother's Day and Convergence.


So, do you know more about Paul Wesley now?


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