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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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There are movies where people are hunted down as prey. The Running Man, Hard Target and The Man With the Golden Gun are just a few action-packed films that see human beings hunted like animals... but people are paying for this experience in real life!

At certain Big Cat parks, you can get a real close view of apex predators

Go to the Lehe Ledu Wildlife Park in Chongqing City, China and Orana Wildlife Park, in Christchurch, New Zealand if you want to get this close to a fur-covered, sharp-toothed killing machine.

You'll be caged and draped in bloody meat

Spokeswoman Chan Liang said of Lehe Ledu Park:

We wanted to give our visitors the thrill of being stalked and attacked by the big cats but with, of course, none of the risks. The guests are warned to keep their fingers and hands inside the cage at all times because a hungry tiger wouldn’t know the difference between them and breakfast.

Sadly, an 8-year-old girl was killed by a tiger at the Chinese Park

Hopefully this was a one-time incident, but it certainly highlights the question all considering visiting this undeniably remarkable experience should ask: Are you prepared to take the risk?

There's something a bit Planet of the Apes about humans in cages...

Personally, I'd be too scared to even consider being driven around in a meat-splattered cage in a park full of hungry lions and tigers, but what do you guys think?


Would you allow yourself to be caged to see lions and tigers up close?

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