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It's been five years since Zack Snyder delivered a more adult spin to the superhero genre with his adaptation of the Alan Moore graphic novel, Watchmen.

Although, Moore still hasn't actually gotten around to watching the Watchmen, pretty much everyone else on the face of the Earth has. So, with this in mind, let's take a look at how the principle stars have developed over the years.

Jackie Earle Haley... A.K.A. Roschach

Fun Fact: Although not revealed in the movie, the original comic book goes into detail about Roschach's constantly shifting mask. It was created using a special material that was originally developed for a dress for Kitty Genovese - a real life New York woman who was murdered in 1964. At the time, her death lead to public debate about bystander apathy to crime, as her murder was witnessed by many, but no one intervened. Of course, Roschach detests such apathy, and it was this event which inspired him to become a vigilante.

What Else Can I See Him In?: Most recently, you may have seen him as Rock Mattox in the RoboCop reboot. He also became Freddy Kruger in 2010's A Nightmare on Elm Street, while he has roles in Lincoln, Dark Shadows and Shutter Island.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan... A.K.A. Eddie Blake/The Comedian

Fun Fact: Initially, Morgan turned down the role of The Comedian. He read the first three pages of the script, and thought he was killed off straight away. However, his agent persuaded him to read the entire script before he made his decision. The Comedian, of course, appears in several extensive scenes after his 'death.'

What Else Can I See Him In?: Morgan has been in plenty of stuff following Watchmen, but not anything you're particularly likely to have seen. He did continue his role as Denny on the TV series, Grey's Anatomy, while he also grabbing a role in the 2012 remake of Red Dawn. Other credits involve playing the titular character in The Courier, and Ike Evans in the TV series Magic City.

Billy Crudup... A.K.A. Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan

Fun Fact: Although traditionally CGI characters need two shoots - one of a placeholder on set, and one on a motion capture stage, Snyder decided to save money by filming Crudup's motion capture performance on set with the other actors - something of a new feat. Furthermore, Crudup had to wear a suit of over 2,500 blue light bulbs to convincingly simulate Dr. Manhattan's glow.

What Else Can I See Him In?: Following Watchmen, Crudup appeared in Public Enemies as J. Edgar Hoover, as Frank in Blood Ties, as well as Stephen in Eat Pray Love.

Matthew Goode... A.K.A. Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias

Fun Fact: Like Morgan, Goode almost also passed on the role in Watchmen. He had not read the original graphic novel when he heard of the role, and, intimidated by the book's large size, asked a friend if he should bother to read it. His friend, who had read the book, not only told him to read it, but also to accept the role without question. After reading the script and novel, Goode admitted his friend was right all along.

What Else Can I See Him In?: As a native of Britain, you can see Goode in quite a few British roles, such as Mike in the Ricky Gervais comedy Cemetery Junction, and as Henry Talbot in Downton Abbey. More recently he appeared beside Nicole Kidman as Charles Stoker in Stoker and as Hugh Alexander in The Imitation Game.

Malin Akerman... A.K.A. Laurie Jupiter/Silk Spectre II

Fun Fact: Laurie's last name is really Juspeczyk, which her mother (the former Silk Spectre) changed it to Jupiter. This detail is not revealed in the film, and in one scene Rorschach calls Laurie 'Jupiter' despite the fact her graphic novel iteration of the character hates this name. She feels it was used by her mother to distance herself from her Polish roots, which Laurie disagrees with.

What Else Can I See Her In?: Akerman has appeared in a lot since her role in Watchmen, including romantic comedies such as 27 Dresses, Couples Retreat and The Proposal. More recently she has made the move to television, including reoccurring roles in Burning Love, Children's Hospital, Trophy Wife and The Comeback.

Patrick Wilson... A.K.A. Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl

Fun Fact: In an extremely similar case to Matthew Goode, Patrick Wilson also took the role on the advise of a friend who had read the original Watchmen graphic novel. After asking his friend what he knew of the comic, he replied explaining that if Wilson was ever to do a superhero movie, this should be the one. After getting the part, Wilson's friend was invited to set when filming the prison escape scene.

What Else Can I See Him In?: After Watchmen, Wilson has become somewhat of a horror staple, appearing in Insidious, The Conjuring and Insidious: Chapter 2. However, that hasn't prevented him from signing onto some lighter stuff, including The A-Team, The Switch, and Morning Glory. Most recently you'll be able to see him in sci-fi spoof comedy, Space Station 76.

Carla Gugino... A.K.A. Sally Jupiter/ Silk Spectre

Fun Fact: Due to the large amount of flashbacks in the movie, Snyder decided to cast many actors younger than their roles. Primarily, this is because he thought it would be easier for make-up artists to make actors seem older as opposed to younger. For example, the 37 year old Gugino was required to play some scenes as the 64 year old mother of Malin Akerman's character. In reality, she is only 7 years older than Akerman.

What Else Can I See Her In?: Her role in Watchmen clearly impressed Snyder, as he also cast her in his 2011 sexy-action flick, Sucker Punch and as the voice of Kelor in Man of Steel. Other than this, Gugino has also snapped up roles in Entourage and Californication, while you'll soon be able to see her in the Dwayne Johnson earthquake thriller, San Andreas.


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