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For most people, Disneyland or Walt Disney World is their mecca, going to worship at the altar of Walt and Mickey. Since the first park opened in 1955, hundreds of millions of thrill seekers have walked through the doors and marveled at the House of Mouse. It should come as no surprise then, that with so many visitors, some pretty freaky stories have come out of Disney over the years !

Take a look at some of the spookiest Disney urban legends:

1. The Haunted Mansion is almost certainly truly haunted

Since back in the early 1990s there have been reported cases of Disney guests scattering the ashes of their deceased loved ones. The trend seems to have caught on so much, 'cremated remains' specifically appear on the 'items not permitted' list on the Parks FAQ list.

The Haunted Mansion attraction seems to be the most popular spot to sprinkle the ashes, possibly because it seems appropriate with the graveyard already in sight, but also because the ride is very dark, providing good cover for the sneaky guests. However in 2007 the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction was shut down for 45 minutes after a woman was spotted sprinkling some sort of powder out of the ride, possibly the latest case of this weird trend.

Apparently the 'happiest place on earth' also doubles as the happiest resting place on earth.

2. The Small World dolls may be possessed...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that 'It's a Small World' is probably the creepiest Disney ride of them all. It's cute and fun on the face of it, but the repetitive music and creepy dolls soon make you realize this is the stuff of nightmares. And guess what, the nightmare is about to get ever scarier! Apparently many cast members claim that after dark the dolls in Small World inexplicably switch places, or disappear altogether! Elaborate prank or a definitely sign of possession?

Perhaps it's in relation to this other Small World legend...

3. Someone killed themselves in It's a Small World

This legend started 15 years ago, but apparently during a routine Small World ride the ride was shut down suddenly. The lights and music were axed, and guests were asked to vacate the ride immediately, with no clear reason why.

A guest on the ride who had been using a camera quickly snapped a couple shots on her way out, and it was only weeks later that she had them developed. It was then that she discovered why the ride had been shut down so abruptly...A child had snuck in and hung himself, and wasn't discovered until much later after countless visitors had unknowingly passed below.

4. After two deaths in Mission Space the ride is noticeably colder

Sadly in June, 2005, a 4-year-old boy, Daudo Bamuwamye, died in the new "Mission: Space" ride at Epcot. Less than a year after this sad death, 49-year-old woman, Hiltrud Bleumel, also died following a ride on the attraction which simulates a space-flight. Since these deaths, cast members have often claimed to feel cold spots in the terminal, and sometimes the shuttle doors will close when they shouldn't. Could the spirits of the two deceased visitors be trapped in the ride?

5. A deceased cast member haunts the pavilion

America Sings used to be a ride in Disneyland's Tomorrowland, appearing from 1974 until 1988. However just nine days after the attraction opened, and 18-year-old cast member named Deborah Gail Stone was sadly killed when she was crushed between two walls of the building. Horrifically, most of the audience believed that Stone's death screams were part of the show. It is widely believed her spirit still stays in the pavilion where America Sings was based, despite the attraction being replaced over 25 years ago.


Do you think it's possible there are parts of Disneyland that are haunted?

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