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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Every once in a while, a short film comes along that's just so darn beautiful you can't help but sit back and let it wash over you. Death and the Robot is one of these films, a bittersweet, heartbreaking little gem as cute as Wall-E, as dark as the grave...

Kudos to animator Austin Taylor and writer Alexander Thompson for making this gorgeous piece that harks back to Tim Burton at his finest! Check out the breakdown or skip to the end to watch the video for yourself.

This is Death.

She's a wistful, lonely soul, blowing the seeds from a dandelion and watching them float away.

This is the Robot.

He lives in a little cave filled with flowers he cares for, but he's trapped; he needs to be plugged in to his power supply to survive.

He wants freedom.

The Robot unplugs himself and boldly ventures outside.

Death and The Robot meet.

The score by Tom Hauser is just so damn sweet and perfect at this point it's unreal.

The Robot shows Death his flowers.

Death is impressed, and wants to help the Robot spread the lovely blooms to the outside world.

Together, they turn the barren graveyard above into a beautiful garden.

Death wears gardening gloves so that she doesn't kill everything she touches. They are happy, but all the while the robot knows that his time is running out.

Eventually, the Robot dies.

Death didn't know the Robot was dying, and curses her deathly claws, thinking that she has killed him with her touch.

Death tends the garden in his memory.

The Robot's rusting body sits, immobile, while Death cares for the graveyard garden they built together.

Watch the whole beautiful film below.

*sob* What? No, I'm fine, I've just got something in my eye...


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