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WARNING: Potential spoilers for the comic series ahead. Proceed with caution.

[The Walking Dead](series:201193) continued to push the boundaries of television over the course of the first half of Season 5, with a group of episodes that were gory and violent, but ultimately extremely well received by the show's massive audience, both in America and world wide.

However, despite audiences lapping up these more shocking moments on TV, there are definitely some lines that AMC and their Standards and Practices department aren't ready to cross just yet, even though the original comic series has already done so, many times over.

Check out these moments that are already familiar to comic readers that us TV viewers will never get to see:

Carol and Lori making out

Which leads to disastrous results

Aside from the fact that Lori is dead, it seems unlikely that AMC will ever put Carol in a position when she tries to kiss a female member of the group, and then commits suicide after being rebuffed.

We've already got one lesbian character on the show, relative newcomer Tara Chambler, who even had a girlfriend named Alisha in Season 4. However, even though Tara and Alisha supposedly had a physical relationship, AMC wasn't game to show it on screens.

Aaron and Eric loved up

In the comic series we meet the characters of Aaron and Eric who convince Rick's group to join them at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Aaron and Eric are in a relationship and the comic series has often showed their affection in its panels. With creator Robert Kirkman confirming that a prominent gay character will join the cast in the second half of Season 5, it seems likely that that someone will be Aaron.

Despite a gay character joining the ranks, like I explained above, this doesn't mean that the show is likely to show anything more physical than perhaps a covert hand hold.

Carol and Tyreese getting physical

In the comic series Tyreese and Carol had a relationship, and like all relationships they got pretty physical. Given that the closest we've really come to any sex scene in The Walking Dead has been between Maggie and Glenn, and Rosita and Abraham, and even those were very toned down for TV, it seems unlikely we'll get the saucy scenes from the comic on our screens.

Michonne and Tyreese sneaking around

Yep, you saw correctly! In the comics, shortly after arriving at the prison, Michonne seduced Tyreese, and poor old Carol (who was in a relationship with Tyreese at the time) watched on in horror. The event was pretty dramatic in the comic series, not just because of the subject matter, but because afterwards Carol attempted suicide and Rick and Tyreese got in a huge fist fight.

It was definitely an important moment for character development in the comics but it was noticeably left out of the TV series.

Michonne and Morgan making lurve

In the comic series, Morgan and Michonne get together around the time the group arrives at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. With Morgan getting closer and closer to the group in the TV series, Morgan and Michonne are a couple that could definitely get together in Season 5 or 6. But, even if they do start a relationship, it would be likely that saucier panels from the comics would be omitted for the bland scenes that we've seen with Maggie and Glenn, and Rosita and Abraham.

Negan's filthy mouth

One to break up the more steamy relations! The introduction of the character Negan, the big bad of the show, is looking likely to happen sooner rather than later, perhaps even in Season 6. One thing is for sure though, when Negan does eventually join the show his character will probably be spitting out a lot of inventive insults to try and make his character seems as frightening as he is in the comics, where every second word is 'fuck.'

We already know that AMC had a 'one fuck per season' rule for Breaking Bad, and to be honest I've not actually heard any of the harsh swears on The Walking Dead, but who knows, maybe they're storing them all up for the introduction of Negan?


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