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Big Hero 6 was absolutely chock-full of Easter Eggs from a range of Disney's animated features. Wreck It Ralph and How To Train Your Dragon were present, while even Chicken Little got a little look in too.

But it also seems the producers of Big Hero 6 were not immune to the mass hysteria surrounding recent Disney animated flick, Frozen.

Indeed, Big Hero 6 hasn't even released on DVD and Blu-Ray yet, but already four references to Frozen have been spotted. Check them out below.

Prince Hans is a Wanted Man

Take a look at the image above? Can you spot him? Yep. I know it's hard to see, but the small wanted poster to the right of the police officer's head does indeed feature the mugshot of Frozen's Prince Hans. But there's also another Easter Egg in this shot. The wanted poster to the left also includes sketches of the two Tangled directors, Nathan Greno and Byron Howard.

Hans Statue Gets Demolished

Presumably, before he became a criminal, Hans was a revered character in San Fransoyko too. Big Hero 6 also includes a quick shot of a statue of Hans, however it is almost immediately destroyed by Baymax.

The Incredibly Hard to See Olaf Statue

But Hans is the only Frozen character who earned a statue. Olaf also got one, although his is a lot harder to spot. Can you see it in the picture above?

No? Well, look to the bottom right corner and at the top of the escalators you can just about make him out. Still can't see it? Well, here it is zoomed in:

Arendelle Visits San Fransokyo

But this clash of cultures isn't limited to statues and wanted posters. There's also a little piece of the kingdom of Arendelle in San Fransoyko harbor. If you look carefully towards the left of the marina, you can see the ship from Frozen with its sails down. Here it is as a reference below.

Big Hero 6 arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray on February 24th.

Did you spot any more references and Easter Eggs in Big Hero 6?


Do you ever spot Easter Eggs?

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