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GTA 6 is naturally a game that Rockstar are not going to be prepared to talk about in terms of development or a release date for some time. After all, the world is currently still relishing in their updated versions of GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One. But how can they improve upon GTA V with GTA 6?!

It's remarkable to think how GTA V is actually just continually improving. The snow over the holidays in GTA Online was just remarkable. First person has transformed GTA forever and the ability to now play the game as an animal is just...too incredible for words. With all of this crazy stuff in mind, here are some cheats or additions we'd love to see in GTA 6!

GTA 6 - The Cheats & Additions That Would Blow Our Minds!


This is just so incredible that it MUST become an integral part of every GTA game. The guy who made this mod put a serious amount of effort into creating it, and the idea of being able to play as him in Los Santos or whatever future city GTA 6 may be set in, is almost too much to handle! Also, the guy who made this video is rather hilarious. JOEL!!

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More MODS!

GTA V is taking WAY too long to come out on PC. And we all know that the only reason we want it to do so, is so that the wonderful modders out there can get to work on it! But I would genuinely love for Rockstar to implement these features into the console versions of GTA 6 in the form of cheats.

I mean, maybe we could unlock the ability to gain access to the cheats in some way if they don't want to make it too easy. But the fact that we gained the ability to play as animals in GTA V makes me feel like these mods aren't too much of a stretch for Rockstar!

GTA 6 Setting & Campaign


Okay GTA fans, it's time to let us know where you'd like GTA 6 to be set! Do you long for a new part of America, a return to London or would you like to see a whole new part of the world? Vice City was a name that was being thrown around a lot at the outset of GTA 6 discussions, but the likelihood of Rockstar returning there is probably pretty slim. They've stated that Miami was interesting in the 80s and that really is the only time they wanted to explore it in!

Personally, I'm hoping that, like the 3 protagonist change up for GTA V, GTA 6 has 3 locations. It'll allow players to travel to these locations and meet characters from each city who make up the main narrative. But that's enough of my suggestions, let us now in the comments what you'd like to see in GTA 6!


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