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I guess all know now what Marvel is, for them who don't know (Marvel Worldwide Inc., commonly referred to as Marvel Comics) they make awesome comic books and Movies, Some of their best movies are X-Men, Spiderman, Iron Man, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four etc....

We all know they make awesome Movies, but they Kendall did a lot of mistakes in their movies, let me show you which are the mistakes they made.

Lets start with Captain America , since his the first Avenger

On Captain America The Winter Soldier, Captain made a list of what he missed the time he was frozen and on that list it appears something funny look..


They wrote Star Wars, why did Marvel make this mistake, you can say why is this a mistake? I will tell you because of Star Wars Nick Fury is an actor there, and in avengers, he is the director of SH.I.E.L.D , or was this only a cameo ?

Captain must have been very confused when he saw the movie !!

I hope he will never see Fantastic Four ! :P

So lets see Marvel's next mistake , Iron Man 3

In Iron Man 1 , Tony Stark Makes a Suit from scratch and it could take fire

Then he Made a better One

With all good upgrades and stuff that nobody can defeat even thors hammer doesn't do big damage on it ..

So he decides to make more Suits and More upgrades

But instead in Iron Man 3 Marvel makes Iron Mans Suits very weak , it just breaks easily !!

Here the suit gets hit by a truck, what is this what if Tony was inside, he gets hit by lasers, missiles but he can't take a truck :/!!

And here the suit comes in a Heroic way where we all think Tony's gonna kick ass, but Marvel just made it a fun part where the suit hits a column and breaks down...

Now for the Plot twist of Iron Man 3

There is Mandarin a terrorist who shows all the American people how bad he is and that he wants to destroy the world and tony gets mad and wants to take him down When he finds out that...

He is just an actor and the real bad guy is the one who tony just didnt meet him what is this Marvel ??

Mandarin is Iron Mans worst nemesis

But instead we just get an Actor this is not right this is not good at all Marvel ...

Now lets go on with the Avengers

We will connect this part with Captain America The Winter Soldier

When Tony Stark Comes aboard on the SH.I.E.L.D.S helicarrier

He goes like he's "making jokes" and he leaves like a cheap hack to hack all shield information!!

But if Tony Hacked SH.I.E.L.D why didn't he find out about Hydra that it has been growing inside SHIELD for what 70 years?

Lets Continue ..

The Amazing Spider Man 2

In the Spiderman series, we know that Norman Osborn is Green Goblin, and at the Amazing Spiderman he is Sick

He never shows up, and when someone tries to get him a cure he becomes a monster...

Then we have HULK

Which we all know Brus Banner has no control over HULK and that's why he was hidden from the world in an Azian place to help people, but SH.I.E.L.D finds him and he accepts to come!!

Then later he controls HULK and fight the Aliens...

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed. And lets hope Marvel will make Avengers 2 awesome with no funny mistakes.


What do you think of the mistakes Marvel made ?


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