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Once upon a fairy tale, Director Chris Buck slides the magic of snow - from Hans Christian Andersen's Gerda, singing about roses in a window box garden' reminding of her love for Kai - to Queen Elsa of Arendelle, singing about snow to 'Let It Go' reminding her of fearless & protective love for her sister Princess Anna!

'Frozen' came with a Knight bearing 'Innocent love in the scale of fear versus love' robed as childhood snowman, Olaf -the comic snowman Anna and Elsa built together as kids.

The film inspires us to remember: The only footprint that remains in snow - is the good heart that sets its power free for the sake of hope and love. That is why 'The cold never bothered me anyway!'

'Frozen' is a blaze of Innocent Love! Innovative as clever an act for an animation!

Stay good a comic snowman, Olaf! Do not melt! Stay a snowman!

Seasonal snow is an important part of Earth's climate system.


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