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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

Every gamer dreams of creating their ultimate geek den - a sacred haven of nerdiness primed for virtual hibernation. But no matter how hard I try, my entertainment room will never be as good as this one!

What follows is the stuff of dreams; an almighty citadel of video game treasures, dedicated to housing and showing off one of the biggest and most impressive collections I have ever seen!

If I had to choose just one room to spend the rest of my life in, this would probably be it.


Look at all those games! I've never seen so much awesomeness crammed into one place...

'Nintendo Sixty Foooouuuuuur'!

I don't know why you would need this many consoles, but it sure makes for a staggeringly cool display!

The Great Wall of Video Games

So many games, not enough time...

A Library From Heaven

The way they've meticulously sorted it all is incredible!

Nintendo power

The quadruple stacked Gamecube consoles are a highlight.

Well there's only one thing for it - I'm gonna seal off a section of my house and get to work!


Is your mind appropriately blown?


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