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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

Smosh Games' Honest Trailers series has always had me laughing along at its uncompromising look at the - often bizarre - realities of movies and video games.

This instalment is no different, with the team taking a crack at Square Enix's much loved role-playing-game franchise, Kingdom Hearts!

The video isn't just hilarious, it also raises some good questions, like why there's a mystifying lack of Pixar characters. Disney own the licenses, so where are Nemo, Buzz and Sully?! Also on Smosh Games' tickling list of gripes are...

Its completely incomprehensible plot

Its Bondage-loving characters

And the outrageous combined length of the cutscenes: a whopping 14 hours!

Watch the full video below:

Brilliant! But I still love the series. Bring on Kingdom Hearts 3!


Side-splittingly good or embarrassingly bad?


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