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So Dragon ball z: Revival of "F" , does this mean revival of Frieza, i'm afraid so. As we know last DBZ movie was amazing. Dragon ball z: Battle of Gods that movie was out of my mind. So I can't wait for this one to come out. About that the movie is coming out on 18th April.

Our biggest hero Goku has a power know to transform in to a God. So i think that defeating Frieza is not gonna be a problem. He'e biggest rival Vegeta is gonna turn in to God as well and he's gonna have blue hair not red like Goku.

On this picture you can see something different about Goku and Vegeta. Their uniforms are not the same as last time or any time ever. There's some kind of sign on both of their uniforms. Vegeta's uniform is black so much better then the blue one.

I don't know much about this but Lord Bills is coming back on earth. Why is he coming back? Is it because he thinks that Frieza's return is big threat for him or he's coming back to see Goku. We are going to find out that next month when first trailer releases.


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