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The flashback to Delena rain kiss had most Vampire Diaries fans feeling more than a little weak at the knees, and now it has been confirmed that there are even more passionate Delena scenes in store for us!

Executive producer Caroline Dries has teased that we should look forward to some flashbacks from Damon and Elena's "Honeymoon period" in the next episode of season six entitled, "Woke Up with a Monster."

Dries told Alloy magazine that the writers have delved into a time period of the Delena relationship that has never been seen before and implies that fans will get a window into the heyday of the pairs love. She explained:

When we first got them together at the end of Season 4 and they kissed in front of the fireplace, we then cut to three months later. They experienced a whole chunk of time together that we didn't see – sort of the honeymoon period of a new boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. What we were excited about doing with their relationship and interested in playing around a bit with were those initial stages

My favorite thing about the Delena relationship has always been the turbulence (let's fact it, watching a happy couple on screen is boring with a capital B), but even I am game for this flashback.

It's just been too long!

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