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As the show has began it's filming process on Monday 5th January. Let's look at the bits and bobs we know of for the ninth run of the show's return. We are ten years into the show's 9th series return or Season 35 and what we can expect this is Steven Moffat's ninth series as writer but fifth as the head show runner, this will be Jenna Coleman's third series as Clara Oswald and Peter Capaldi's second as The Doctor. Now what we know is that Daniel O'Hara is lined up to helm two 60 minute stories for the run, Michelle Gomez had spoken to Doctor Who Magazine on Missy's return for this run. Catherine Tregenna of Torchwood's fame is on the rumored list to pen a story for this run. The series opener is The Magician's Apprentice which seems very likely it will be once again penned by series opener and showrunner Steven Moffat. Now on the subject of it being ten years of the show's return, it could homage the Russell T. Davies era by bringing in a returning character such as a companion, recurring character or a monster which could be utilized. Now I know a certain former Doctor has expressed interest in returning but it seems a bit soon for a returning Doctor but that's my opinion unless it was Christopher Eccleston but lets not tread into that territory. What ever happens this year, I hope we get some form of acknowledgement to the 2005 Russell T. Davies era that brought the show back from the darkness of hiatus. Also joining the line up of the guest cast is Paul Kaye who appeared in Game of Thrones, Ripper Street, Midsomer Murders, Eastenders to join the few will be joining. Doctor Who maybe off air for now but in the mean time why not pick up some audios or comics or books while waiting to help pass the time. Also Block 1 consists of Episodes 3-4 according to various sources but the answer's to that truth will be revealed in the next issue of Doctor Who Magazine next week.


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