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I'm starting to think it's impossible to get tired of seeing iconic Disney characters in totally unexpected and novel ways. This fan art by artist Mélanie Delon is another beautiful example of how much Disney inspires talented people to create amazing work.

Mélanie Delon takes the recognizable world of Disney and puts her own stylized spin on it. Her works are detailed, semi-realistic, and often a bit dark, and she clearly has a reverence for the movies she's drawing from.

Here are some of my favorite creations of Delon's, all reminiscent famous Disney characters.

Dark Elsa

Here, Delon imagines a dark queen of snow and ice, so naturally my mind immediately jumps to Elsa from [Frozen](movie:411685). This is what she would have become without that final act of true love: in mourning clothes and in the cold. Regardless of the particular backstory, it does make a stunning image.


Looking much less optimistic about her situation than her Disney counterpart, this Cinderella still managed to hold onto a glass slipper somehow. It looks like she is able to hold onto that last bit of hope even if abysmally dire circumstances. Hang in there, Cindy!

The Evil Queen

The tried and true formula for the Evil Queen is equal parts beautiful and sinister, and Delon manages to achieve that while also giving the queen a sense of personality and context. It makes sense that the artist opted for the more glamorous side of the Queen, considering what she looks like after her magic spell.

Merida, is that you?

This could easily be a reworked version of Disney and Pixar's fair-skinned, redheaded princess from [Brave](movie:22364). Even the eyes look spot-on. Though, she clearly got over her distaste for all things "girly" if she managed such an amazing make-up job.

Sleeping Beauty

Delon does an amazing job of combining the art of the movie (with the banners, castle, and thorns) with her own unique style. Casting Aurora in a darker atmosphere gives her an amazingly realistic quality while still appearing illustrated.

Snow White

My favorite out of all of her Disney-inspired work, this Snow White may be in the middle of the forest, chilling with the neighborhood fauna, but she still looks ready for an impromptu ball when Prince Charming finally makes it. Stay away from that apple, Snow! It's not as healthy as it looks

BONUS: I'm pretending this is Tinker Bell

Because I've always wanted her to be a redhead (yep, fully admit that I'm a bit biased in that regard).

Check out even more of Delon's work at her DeviantArt, Facebook, and website.

Which is your favorite Disney inspired work of Melanie Delon's?


Which one of the fanmade Disney works is your favorite?


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