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Gotta love it when a "serious" actor takes the time to do a genre film! In this instance, Olivia Wilde plays a resurrected doctor who may have brought back a little evil from the other side in [The Lazarus Effect](movie:956553).

Any time Jason Blum is involved, a movie has immediately hooked me. Add his ability to make a top-notch horror flick on a shoestring budget (Paranormal Activity remains the most profitable movie of all time) to a cast full of likable actors (Donald Glover and Evan Peters to name a few) and you'll find me buying an advance ticket.

Now that the trailer has landed, the movie looks appropriately spooky with an interesting Science vs. Nature angle. Check it out:

Read on for a quick breakdown of what we now know about The Lazarus Effect.

Trailer opens with some bad dreams about burning dolls

Because if there's any way to set a scary tone: mix equal parts dead-eyed dolls and hellfire.

Zoe (Olivia Wilde) and her team of scientists play God

The team determined to find a serum that will bring life back from the dead is rounded out by Donald Glover, Evan Peters, and Mark DuPlass (who plays Wilde's partner/lover).

They succeed in bringing a dog back from the dead

But it doesn't exactly remain all warm and cuddly. Here he's growling over Zoe's sleeping body.

When Zoe tragically dies, the team rashly runs the experiment on her

And it works!

Unfortunately, Zoe may have returned from Hell

She's also acquired some kind of mind-reading abilities and telekinesis to go along with her freaky new eyes.

As Zoe struggles with the evil inside her, the rest of the scientists struggle to survive

Looks like Zoe took a page out of the Buffy handbook and is none too happy about being back on Earth.

I don't know about you, but this looks like a promising start to some real scares. The freaky premise paired with the possible ethical questions about the limits of life make this a no-brainer for 2015. I can't wait to see how the unconventional cast performs in a horror setting.

Based on the trailer, do you think we have another Paranormal Activity or Insidious on our hands?


Did The Lazarus Effect trailer awaken your fear of your own morality?


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