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Last Year saw the 15th celebratory year of Big Finish Productions, what's that you say? Big Finish who?. In a few of my previous articles I have mentioned them a few times but I'll care to refresh peoples minds. In 1998 the company acquired the license to produce full casted audio dramas and the first story to be produced was Oh No It Isn't! written by Paul Cornell based on his book. The story would feature who aluminium Lisa Bowerman (Karra in Survival was chosen as the leading lady Bernice ''Surprise'' Summerfield). Nicholas Courtney as Wosley The Cat (best known to us fans as Sir Brigadier - Alistar Gordon Lethbridge Stewart but at the time he wasn't a sir yet), Mark Gatiss who would later pen for Big Finish and the TV series played The Grand Vizier. And finally Nicholas Briggs, the future voice of The Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors and Zygons portrayed Lt Prince/Prince Charming, well besides acting in this story Nicholas Briggs also was the director of this said story which would be the first audio for the company and definatly not the last. In the summer of July 1999, Big Finish had acquired the rights for their first licensed story from the BBC of a Doctor Who audio. Written by Nicholas Briggs, the story saw the return of Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker and Peter Davison in a full casted drama which is in a way a sort of multi-doctor story but I won't go into much details for those who hadn't listen to the audio. 16 years later and producing a variety of ranges expanding from Blakes's 7, Frankenstein, Wizard of Oz, Treasure Island, the ever strong Doctor Who and Bernice Summerfield ranges, Gallifrey, Iris Wildthyme, Survivors and even Terrahawks among many of entertaining and thousands of hours worth of audio adventures worth listening to. Also if your into one to one interviews with actors, directors and producers from who then why not give Toby Hadoke's Who's Round a go. All I can say is this. Big Finish here is to another many good years of producing entertaining stories and see you hopefully for the big 20th bash. For those interested in Big Finish and want to hear any of their top quality worth of dramas, click on the following link below and enter the world of Big Finish.


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