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I, like everyone else, am excited for the upcoming DC TV show . Many people are speculating what it's gonna be like and mostly what characters are gonna appear on the show. I am not the first person to give their opinion on who they think should portrayal the iconic teen heroes. I have gone over many options for who I think should be on the show and I have come up with ten members of the team that I think should star on the show. I say ten because there will mostly only be maybe five or six starting out. With that being said here are my top picks for who should represent the classic DC team, Teen Titans.

Logan Lerman as Beast Boy

Garfield Logan is the lovable green animal shapeshifter who finds laughter in everything. Logan Lerman can play a wide variety of characters that range from a hopeless romantic teenager to a demidgod. Lerman could defiantly pull off that comedic character that likes to make everyone laugh. He would just have to figure out how to deal with having green skin paint on him all the time.

Sean Faris as Superboy

Conner Kent or Kon-El if you wanna call him by his Kryptonian name is the muscles of the team and is a relateive to Superman himself. Aside from the fact that Faris and Superboy look a lot alike, Faris can play that tough guy character. If you need any proof watch Never Back Down and you will see Faris play a angry and strong determined teenager. All that aside I know he could pull off the role of Conner.

Nicola Peltz as Wonder Girl

Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark is the daughter of an archaeologist and the king of the God's, Zeus. Nicola is your typical pretty girl and has the acting chops to pull of that character. Like Gal Gadot, Peltz would have to bulk up a bit to fill out the Wonder Girl character. I have faith that if she got cast she would get done what is needed. Plus she can still show off the fun girlish character that Cassie is.

Corbin Bleu as Aqualad

Kaldur'ahm is the protege of the king of the sea Aquaman and carries much pride and honor with him. This one was a stretch to narrow down who I thought could pull of the new 52 adaptation. If they do have the older version of Aqualad Bleu could still play that part. Even though we know Bleu from High School Musical but as we have seen from his former co-star Zac Efron, he can branch out and do much more.

Adam Gregory as Nightwing

Dick Grayson is the most famous person to dawn the role of being Batman's sidekick Robin and made himself into his own hero. Trying to cast this role is probably the hardest thing anyone will ever have to do. No matter who you cast in this role people are still gonna be upset about it. That being said, Gregory has proven himself as a good actor. As long as he can pull off the role of a leader I will be happy.

Alexandra Daddario as Raven

Rachel Roth keeps to herself and has her secrets but she is a vital member of the team who has powers that she doesn't even know she has. Daddario is one of my favorite actresses and I feel like she would blast the role of Raven out of the park. She can do the darker role and get into the character with ease. She can also pull off the stubborn side of her too.

Cam Gigandet as Kid Flash

Wally West is yet another comedic character that always has something to say and talks way to fast for everyone to understand him but he still goes on. This is anther one that was hard to narrow down. Gigandet has played the sarcastic role before and he would need that character to pull of playing Wally West. He may be a bit older than the others but what matters is how he could work well with the others who are on the show. Also, if they follow the suit of the Flash and cast someone who is African American I would pick Tyler James Williams.

Dayo Okeniyi as Cyborg

Victor Stone may be half man, half machine but he still packs a punch with all of his wits and gadgets. Dayo has the strong, authoritative look to him that Cyborg has and he has the right build for him too. Cyborg is becoming a character that floats back and forth between Titans member and the Justice League. I hope he is in this series because of how iconic and lovable his character is.

Alyson Stoner as Starfire

Koriand'r is the Tamaranean princess that leaves her planet to make Earth her new home. Alyson is a cheerful and lovable actress much like Starfire. All Stoner has to do is endure being orange and she would nail the role of the red headed powerhouse. Starfire is another iconic member that I hope makes in onto the show. Alyson would play the role well.

Colton Haynes as Red Arrow

Roy Harper can hit any target that comes his way and does it with attitude and finesse. There isn't much room for debate here. All you have to do is watch an episode of Arrow with him and you will fall in love with how he plays Roy. Please let him continue his role as Red Arrow, or Arsenal as he is called.

There you have it, my top ten picks for characters and their casting for the Titans TV show. Let me know down bellow what you think and who else you want to see on the show and who you want to play them. Tell me if you think I nailed some of them or if I'm way off.


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