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ABC is premiering this week many shows that are shaping to be great mid-season elements. Sunday the network conquered me with Galavant. But Tuesday ABC offered a piece of television that challenged all the other standards and that simply has changed the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

[Marvel's Agent Carter](series:1119765), or Agent Carter is a smart, quick and fun piece of television that proofs a woman in a leading action role is always a great investment. Filling the shoes of moderns spies but based in the late 40s, Agent Carter is witty, sassy and modern in its own way and above all a great role model for anyone watching under the age of 15, male or female.

It is also a great piece of history that shows even when female roles have come a long way, in some work environments it still feels like it is the late 40's. But Peggy Carter knows how to handle the boys around the room.

I will recap each of the episodes as we move forward with the miniseries and I will eagerly enjoy Tuesdays in television! Something that I haven't done in quite some time.

- Peggy Carter is a woman to watch

The reason I have to love "Agent Carter" is for its strong female lead. (Hayley Atwell) Peggy, as I mentioned before is smart, quick and independent. She is in a difficult position in the time she was meant to live and is quite entertaining to see her navigate the social roles of male and females in the 40s and at the same time seeing her be an empowered woman capable of fending for herself, but who still has a heart.

It's been little over a year since the events in Captain America, and she is not quite over losing Steve. But as many after the war, the time has come to move on. In her job as an agent for the SSR, she is not finding a purpose, but when called to action she shows to be very capable of being head to head with the top notches in her office.

Atwell's portrait of Peggy is both strong and sensitive, and her talent only make it even more compelling to watch as Peggy survives to find there are many reasons to live. She was a very charismatic and lovable character in Captain America, and now we get to explore her world and see her grow into one of the founding members of what will be S.H.I.E.L.D, and as any Marvel fan knows, this is a very important agency. Right?

Finally, here are other 2 reasons you should be watching Agent Carter.

- Characters that are genuinely interesting.

Not only is Peggy Carter the center of the show, she is bringing to the table a list of stars that are great to watch, but not because of the actors that portray them, but because of their own character stories.

Edwin Jarvis, Mr. Stark's personal butler is a compelling character whose devotion to Mr. Stark can only be compared to Alfred's for Batman. However, Edwin makes it very clear in the first hours of the show that even when a faithful servant of its master he does have a life and is interested in living it.

Then we have all the male characters in Peggy's office, they are all scarred by war somehow, and these stories are just barely covered in the premier of Agent Carter, we know there's more than meets the eye behind these strong, hard men that are ready to return home after the war. But, what is it? I am ready to discover it.

Sadly, the only character that has some work to do to convince me, is the only other female lead in the show. Lindsay Fonseca is a talented actress who portrays Angie, a waitress/actress in the NYC. She is as many women of the time, fighting for her dream, but hers is not to save the world, as Peggy's, hers is to star on Broadway.

However, she does become a source of inspiration for Agent Carter. She reminds Peggy there's more than just fighting, there's also friendship.

- It is an action packed story that you've never seen before

Just as you've loved Marvel movies because there's explosion after explosion, and fight sequence after fight sequence, Agent Carter is packed with everything that will make you love the action in this show. It is after all a spies show, and guns, shootings and occasional deaths are in order during the premiere of Agent Carter.

This show also contains pieces of a story that you are missing, the origins of S.H.I.E.L.D the things that make the agency so interesting, and a glimpse to the past of Howard Stark, the playboy, scientific and father of one of my personal favorite Avengers, Tony Stark.

What other stars are you waiting to see in Agent Carter?

Are you ready for more of these small crossovers?

Are you as interested in the fashionable wardrobe of the 40s as I am now?


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